How does reading impact Shaan's habits?


Shaan Puri has a unique strategy when it comes to reading, which significantly influences his habits. He consistently reads but doesn't feel compelled to finish every book. Instead, he skims through many books, reading about 5% of 50 books a year. He assumes most books are not worth completing unless they are extremely engaging or offer significant value. The ones that do capture his interest, he reads multiple times, treating them as references and revisiting them over the years. This approach helps him maximize the value he gets from reading without getting bogged down by less impactful content. He has an unlimited budget for books, which allows him to explore a wide range of materials without constraint 1.

Reading Habits

Shaan and Sam discuss their reading habits, including how many books they read per year and how they absorb the information. Shaan shares his strategy of reading multiple books at once and only completing the ones that truly interest him, while Sam focuses on mastering a few books per year.

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