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The episode "1736: Hitting PRs at a Lower Body Fat, the Problem with CrossFit & More" from the Mind Pump Podcast covers a variety of topics mainly around fitness and media. Here are the key points discussed in the episode:

  1. Fitness and Body Fat:

    • The hosts discuss optimizing body fat levels to hit personal records in strength and fitness.
  2. The Problem with CrossFit:

    • CrossFit's programming is critically analyzed, specifically its lack of rest periods and potential for causing injury.
  3. Character Development in TV Series:

    • The hosts explore how modern TV series like 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Mandalorian' delve into deep character development due to their extended formats. This allows viewers to engage more profoundly with characters.
  4. Expensive TV Productions:

    • They discuss the Lord of the Rings series being the most expensive TV series ever produced and the implications of such significant financial investments in media.
  5. Genetics in Physical Performance:

    • The genetic factors contributing to physical performance are briefly touched upon, exemplified by celebrities like John Cena.
  6. Parenting and Child Playtime:

    • Practical parenting tips are exchanged, particularly around managing children's playtime to not disrupt their sleep routines.
  7. Rest and Workout Programming:

    • The importance of following structured workout programs and ensuring adequate rest for optimal performance is emphasized.
  8. Balancing Endurance and Strength:

    • Strategies for balancing training in endurance and strength were discussed, aiming to avoid conflicting adaptations in fitness training.

These discussions are wrapped around their typical blend of personal insights, expert advice, and occasional tangents into related areas like media and personal anecdotes.