High Ticket Prices


The issue of high ticket prices is touched upon in a broader conversation about wealth and expenses. In the podcast "My First Million," and discuss rich individuals who still choose to fly coach despite their wealth. They find it dubious and believe many claims of austerity from the very wealthy about flying coach are untrue. Sam discusses knowing wealthy individuals who always fly first class on longer flights, while others might opt for more economical options on shorter trips. Shaan also expresses an attitude that embodies indulgence, suggesting that even before becoming highly successful, adopting a luxury mindset such as flying private reflects financial aspirations and current capacities.1

This clip illustrates perceptions regarding luxury spending and indirectly addresses the notion of high ticket prices by highlighting the wider economic behaviors and justifications of wealthy individuals towards expenditure on luxury goods and services.

Flying Coach vs Private

Sam and Shaan discuss the idea of wealthy people flying coach and whether it's true or not. They share their own opinions and experiences, as well as insights from other rich individuals like Palmer Lucky. Shaan believes that having a "trillionaire mindset" means flying private even before you have the money for it.

My First Million

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