Filmmakers' vision


Here are insights from different filmmakers regarding a filmmaker's vision and how it shapes their work:

  1. Lubomir Arsov:

    • Lubomir Arsov, a visionary filmmaker, discussed his films, including 'Kingdom' and 'Forest King,' which aim at shedding light on global issues and empowering viewers to create positive change. He highlights how films can challenge the status quo and inspire a beautiful, transformative perspective on the world 1.
  2. Jason Blum (CEO, Blumhouse Productions):

    • Jason Blum emphasizes the priority of a filmmaker's vision over the actual script when selecting projects. He shared how he relies on the director's passion and understanding of the project, even if the script is less than perfect, exemplified by his experience producing the film 'Get Out' 2.
  3. Ava DuVernay:

    • Ava DuVernay shared her thoughts on what constitutes a great director. She believes it's not just about eliciting great performances from actors but also about a director's ability to realize their own vision in the final product. DuVernay discussed her challenge and compromise in maintaining creative control in big studio films, highlighting the importance of directorial freedom to fully express one's vision without external interference 3.

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