Why are they successful?


Success is often perceived as a combination of intelligence, effort, and an element of luck. Shane Parrish discusses that while the definition of success and the frameworks we use to understand it have evolved over time, the fusion of innate abilities and hard work persists as a common theme. Historically, individual capabilities in specific vocations like farming or craftsmanship were the primary markers of success. However, the role of environmental factors and personal circumstances also significantly influences outcomes, suggesting that success can never be attributed to simple formulas or straightforward paths 1.

Teaching Complexity

Shane and Scott discuss the challenges of teaching children about complexity and the changing definition of success over time. They explore the idea that success is a combination of intelligence and effort, and that luck also plays a role. They also touch on the current trend of spending more money on children's education to ensure economic success.

The Knowledge Project

Mental Models for complexity | Scott Page and Shane Parrish | The Knowledge Project #55