Why are Han Chinese supporting Uyghurs?


Han Chinese support for Uyghurs, particularly visible during the Xinjiang fire protests, reflects a significant shift in sentiment among some segments of Chinese society. Jordan Harbinger and Laowhy86 discuss this peculiar shift, noting that the protests following a deadly fire, in which many victims were Uyghurs, galvanized support even from Han Chinese people. This support might seem surprising given the prevalent perception of Uyghurs as "terrorist separatists" among many in China. However, a substantial number of protestors were Han Chinese, indicating a broader frustration with the Chinese government's oppressive policies, which have also affected Han Chinese people under strict COVID lockdowns 1 .

This situation was further exacerbated by the coordinated efforts of students across more than 79 universities in China, who used this tragic incident to criticize the zero-COVID policies and express their grievances against the government. The educated populace, who have better access to information and possibly VPNs, played a crucial role in these protests, reminiscent of the pro-democracy movements seen during historical moments like Tiananmen Square in 1989 1 .

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Xinjiang Fire Protests

Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the recent protests in China following a deadly fire in Xinjiang, where many Han Chinese people showed support for the Uyghurs. The conversation covers the coordinated effort of students across China to speak out against the government's handling of the COVID lockdowns and the rare occurrence of such a movement since Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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