Zombie apocalypse


The concept of a zombie apocalypse has been a popular topic in various discussions and fictional narratives. Here are some key insights from experts:

  1. Existential Threats and AI: Philosopher discusses a type of "zombie apocalypse" scenario where super-intelligent, non-conscious robots could potentially take over, leading to the extinction of conscious life. This scenario is referred to as "zombie" because it signifies the end of consciousness, not humans per se. Chalmers suggests this would be a moral disaster as all value and meaning would be lost from the world 1.

  2. Preparation and Readiness: humorously discusses his readiness for a zombie apocalypse, mentioning his survival gear like bows and guns. This highlights a common theme where individuals discuss hypothetical strategies for surviving such catastrophic scenarios 2.

  3. Survival and Human Behavior: , an investigative journalist, discusses the brutal nature of human behavior in catastrophic scenarios, like a nuclear war, which could be akin to a zombie apocalypse. She notes that this usually includes a struggle for resources, where morality could be overtaken by the need to survive 3.

    Consciousness and Existential Threats

    David discusses the two different kinds of existential threats to consciousness; one being the extinction of all intelligent life and the other being the creation of super intelligent, non-conscious robots. He emphasizes the importance of bringing consciousness with super intelligence and the need to think seriously about the future of humans and AGI.

    Lex Fridman Podcast

    David Chalmers: The Hard Problem of Consciousness | Lex Fridman Podcast #69

These discussions often blend a mix of humor, speculative fiction, and serious consideration of existential threats, reflecting both cultural interests and concerns about future technologies and disasters.