How did Cole stand out?


Cole stood out significantly in different contexts according to the provided clips. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Sports and Persistence: In a sports context, Cole stood out due to his ability to attract interest from colleges, showcasing that dedication and creating highlight reels pay off. Despite the competition, his efforts and showcasing skills beyond just speed made him noticeable 1.

  2. Career and Determination: Cole Schafer, a writer, stood out by making a drastic career change. He left a dissatisfying job, worked in construction, and built his own agency. This bold decision highlighted his determination and willingness to 'earn his stripes' for pursuing his passion, which significantly shaped his career trajectory 2.

  3. Parenting: Another context in which Cole stood out is from a parenting perspective. Scott Benner discussed how even when faced with challenges, maintaining discipline and understanding were key in managing situations with his child, reflecting the traits that made Cole stand out as a good parent 3.

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    Ethan shares how creating video highlights helped Cole gain interest from colleges, despite facing tough competition. Scott emphasizes the importance of showcasing skills beyond just speed in the recruitment process, highlighting the value of being a well-rounded student-athlete.

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Each of these instances showcases different attributes—persistence, boldness, and thoughtful parenting—that led Cole to stand out in various aspects of life.