Team Guys


Here are a few notable "team guys" related to various industries:

  1. Albert Preciado

    • Title: Founder and CEO of The Mortgage Guys
    • Podcast: Appeared on The Game with Alex Hormozi
    • Description: Entrepreneur known for his work in real estate and insightful discussions on business growth and social media.
  2. Guy Duplantier

    • Title: Elk Hunting Podcaster
    • Podcast: ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting
    • Description: Member of the ElkBros Success Squad, sharing experiences and knowledge on elk hunting.
  3. Jerry Murrell

    • Title: Founder and CEO of Five Guys
    • Podcast: How I Built This
    • Description: Founder of the fast-growing restaurant chain Five Guys, launched in 1986 with nearly 1,700 locations worldwide.
  4. John Eckbert

    • Title: CEO of Five Guys Europe
    • Podcast: The Diary Of A CEO
    • Description: CEO recognized for his innovative business model, making Five Guys successful in Britain.