What is mirroring in negotiation?


Mirroring in negotiation is a technique that helps to open up people's thinking and enables more effective influence and understanding. When someone mirrors in a negotiation, they repeat the last few words or key points of what the other person has just said. This simple action encourages the speaker to elaborate or rethink their statement, potentially revealing more about their true position or intentions.

According to Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator, mirroring can expose whether a stance in a negotiation is firm or just a preliminary position. It can also provide insights into what the other party truly wants without them realizing they are being analyzed in this way. Moreover, mirroring is so subtle and effective that other individuals often do not recognize it is being employed 1.

Influencing with Mirroring

Chris shares the power of mirroring in negotiation and communication. It helps to open up people's thinking and create opportunities for influence. Mirroring also helps to map the terrain of what the other side wants, giving a great pulse of their position.

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