How can you earn travel reward points?


Earning travel reward points can be achieved through several strategies, as explained by and . Here are the main ways to build a stash of miles and points:

  1. Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses: One of the most lucrative ways to earn points quickly. Credit cards often offer large bonuses for new users who meet specific spending requirements. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred offers a significant points boost as a sign-up bonus 1.

  2. Everyday Spending: Using credit cards for daily expenses can accumulate points over time. Choosing cards that match your spending habits (like cards that offer higher points on groceries or gas) is key 2.

  3. Travel Booking: Some cards provide bonuses when used to book flights, hotels, or other travel expenses directly through their portals 3.

    Travel Rewards Tips

    Brad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card and how to maximize travel rewards points for the most value. With a $95 annual fee and a sign-up bonus of 60,000 points, this card is a great starting point for those looking to begin their travel rewards journey.


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  4. Promotional Offers: Occasionally, credit cards offer additional bonus points for meeting certain criteria or spending thresholds within a specific timeframe 4.

  5. Points Portals and Shopping: Using credit card shopping portals can earn extra points on purchases made online. These portals often have rotating categories that offer higher rewards 5.

  6. Special Category Bonuses: Some cards offer increased rewards for spending in specific categories like dining or entertainment 6.

For those new to travel rewards, it's beneficial to start by focusing on one or two credit cards to understand the rewards system and to avoid overwhelming yourself. Managing cards responsibly by paying off balances in full and on time is crucial to avoid interest charges that could negate the benefits of rewards 5.