Should I have separate email accounts?


It is beneficial to have separate email accounts for different roles rather than using filters to sort emails into one inbox. advocates for this approach because multiple email accounts help maintain distinct cognitive contexts, which can enhance focus and productivity.

Here are the advantages of separate email accounts based on the expert insights from :

  1. Context Conservation: By maintaining separate inboxes, each with its own login, it helps keep different work or personal roles compartmentalized. This avoids the mental strain of context switching, which occurs when different kinds of emails mix in one inbox 1.

  2. Improved Focus and Productivity: Separate accounts ensure that you are only exposed to relevant emails when engaging in a certain role, minimizing distractions and improving the quality of work 2.

  3. Enhanced Security and Privacy: Using different email accounts can also increase security, as sensitive communications in one role are less likely to be compromised if another account is breached 1.

  4. Friction by Design: The slight inconvenience of logging into different accounts acts as a natural barrier against unnecessary distractions, fostering disciplined email checking 1.

These insights underscore the productivity benefits and mental clarity gained from having separate email accounts for different aspects of your life or work.

Separate Email Accounts

Cal Newport explains why he recommends setting up separate email accounts for different roles instead of relying on filters. By keeping email contexts separate, he is able to stay focused and accomplish tasks faster and with higher quality.

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