Jordan Harbinger discussed topics related to botany in a couple of episodes. Here are the highlights:

  1. Psychedelic Mind Manifesting: Michael Pollan, a guest on the show, discussed his departure from typical topics like agriculture and botany to explore the use of psychedelics. His interest in human interaction with the natural world and consciousness change through substances like cannabis was highlighted in the episode titled "A Renaissance in the Forbidden Science of Psychedelics" 1.

  2. Botany as a Side Hustle: In an episode of "Feedback Friday," Jordan Harbinger advised a listener passionate about botany and houseplants on how to pursue this interest alongside a full-time job. He recommended starting it as a side hustle, using online platforms for sales, and working part-time in a plant store to gain experience before committing fully to opening their own store 2.

    Psychedelic Mind Manifesting

    Michael Pollan discusses his interest in the universal desire of humans to change their consciousness and the use of psychedelics in helping cancer patients deal with their existential distress. He explores the psychological effects of a single drug experience and how it can reset one's mind for a very long time.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    81: Michael Pollan | A Renaissance in the Forbidden Science of Psychedelics