How to unlock creativity?


To unlock creativity, discusses several tactics that highly creative people use, emphasizing the value of movement and periods of stillness. He mentions that activities like running can unexpectedly generate creative ideas (1). Additionally, there are individual differences in what might stimulate creativity, such as quieting a constantly active mind or introducing varied thoughts to a naturally quiet mind. Examining different brain states during these activities might reveal overlaps that enhance creativity (1).

Moreover, the concept of moderate procrastination is highlighted by Adam Grant as a method to boost creativity. By allowing ideas to incubate and not rushing into projects, one can facilitate more innovative thinking. Grant explains that this approach avoids tunnel vision and provides the necessary time to access remote knowledge and develop more novel ideas (2).

Deliberate Tactics

Andrew and Adam discuss the deliberate tactics highly creative people use to generate ideas, including the benefits of movement and stillness on creativity and the importance of judging one's own ideas. They explore the different brain states and potential overlaps, suggesting a study to further investigate this phenomenon.

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Dr. Adam Grant: How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities