Can noise alter neural circuitry?


Yes, noise can indeed alter neural circuitry. Research has shown that during the critical periods of brain development, exposure to white noise can have significant effects on the auditory cortex. In studies with rodents, it was observed that masking environmental sounds during this sensitive period of plastic development kept the window for neural reorganization open longer than normal. This prolonged sensitivity can delay the maturation of the auditory cortex, impacting its normal development trajectory 1.

Moreover, has also discussed the potential negative impacts of prolonged exposure to white noise in children. Extended exposure can lead to impairments in the development of the auditory system, influencing the mapping of sound frequencies within the brain and potentially causing deficits in auditory processing and language development 2. This suggests that environmental noise does not merely act as a background factor but actively participates in shaping neural circuits and their functions.

Brain's Sensitivity

Eddie explains the critical period or sensitive period in brain development and how it is affected by environmental sounds. He discusses how the brain's sensitivity to sounds can be influenced by the environment and how it can impact speech and language development.

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