How can automation unlock value?


Automation can unlock significant value by enabling individuals to focus on more creative and high-value tasks. According to on the , automation not only streamlines processes but also opens the door to new forms of organizing resources, capital, and business models, fueling faster innovation and greater efficiencies 1. Additionally, on the , it's highlighted that automation tools, like financial technology platforms, optimize strategies that are beneficial but often overlooked or poorly managed, such as tax loss harvesting, portfolio rebalancing, and dividend reinvestment, proving to be highly effective over time 2. This automation brings high-value financial management tools into mainstream accessibility at much lower costs than traditional methods.

Automation and Innovation

Anthony Pompliano discusses how digital technologies are the conduit to usher us into an automated world faster, which frees humans up to do more creative work. He also mentions the innovation around the way we form capital, organize resources, build companies, and the application of those technologies. The conversation highlights how innovation can be drastically underestimated and how fast it can be when digital technologies are adopted on a global scale.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin | Lex Fridman Podcast #171