Here are some podcasts you might find interesting:

    • Host: Jack Rhysider
    • Description: Though not specifically about Oslo, this podcast dives into the dark side of the internet and cybersecurity issues, which can often have global implications, including places like Oslo.
    • Host: Neil deGrasse Tyson
    • Description: This podcast bridges the intersection of science, pop culture, and comedy with enlightening discussions on various scientific topics.
    • Host: Peter Zeihan
    • Description: Topics include geopolitical analysis which might sometimes cover regions like Oslo.
    • Host: Tom Clarkson
    • Description: Explores the lives and stories of personalities in Formula 1 racing, which can occasionally include events or personalities connected to Oslo.
    • Host: Andrew Greenstein
    • Description: Focuses on new ideas and innovations that might also intersect with happenings in places like Oslo.
    • Host: Jason Fitzgerald
    • Description: Dedicated to helping runners improve performance, this might include coverage of global running events, possibly even in Oslo.

These selections cover a diverse range of topics and you might find specific discussions about Oslo within some episodes.