Mixed votes


In terms of mixed votes, if we consider contentious political or social issues that often result in mixed votes, various experts have discussed the contentious nature of topics such as agricultural subsidies and Social Security benefits.

For instance, from the described his controversial stance on agricultural subsidies, arguing against the immorality of transferring money from one person to another without proper cause, which received significant opposition particularly from farmers 1. Moreover, his views on Social Security also elicited strong reactions, suggesting that even the elderly opposed his views given their direct impact on them 1.

Therefore, mixed votes or controversial opinions often stem from topics where financial support and societal benefits are discussed, and they can generate strong opposition from those who are affected directly.

Controversial Topics

Walter Williams discusses the controversy surrounding agricultural subsidies and Social Security, explaining his stance against both and the negative secondary effects they can have. He shares his experiences of receiving ugly mail from farmers and critics who disagreed with his views.


Walter Williams on Life, Liberty and Economics