What exercises are best?


For effective exercise, compound lifts, also known as gross motor movements, are highly recommended. These exercises involve multiple joints and are considered the best for achieving significant fitness results. Notable examples include:

  • Squats: Can be performed using barbells, dumbbells, or just body weight.
  • Overhead Pressing
  • Rowing
  • Bench Pressing

These exercises are beneficial as they engage large muscle groups, allowing for a more efficient workout. They are effective enough that doing a few sets of these can equal the effects of many more sets of smaller, isolation exercises 1.

Moreover, these exercises are fundamental movements that can easily be adapted or varied to keep training interesting and effective. They have a broad application across various fitness goals, whether for general strength, muscle building, or specific sports training 2.

Strength Training Basics

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the basics of strength training, including the most effective exercises and rep ranges. They emphasize the importance of compound lifts, such as squats and bench presses, for maximizing results.

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