What role did member feedback play?


Member feedback, specifically in the context of board members, plays a crucial role in improving governance and ensuring effective board dynamics. According to , conducting 360 reviews annually for all board members, including using a net promoter survey, is beneficial. This process helps gather substantial feedback, which is then compiled and shared with each board member. The feedback allows for recognizing members who are excelling and identifying those who may not be aligning with the organization's expectations. This system supports the board in making decisions about adding or subtracting members based on their performance and alignment with the board's goals, thereby fostering a dynamic and evolving board structure 1 .

Board Member Feedback

Brian shares the importance of providing feedback to board members through 360 reviews, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement and alignment with board goals. He highlights the role of lead directors in board dynamics and the significance of separating the chairperson and lead director roles for regulatory compliance and effective governance.

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