What are open monitoring meditations?


Open monitoring meditation is a practice where you direct your attention towards the perceptions, thoughts, and emotions that arise in your mind without becoming involved with them. You don't try to change or judge these thoughts; instead, you just observe them as they come and go. This type of meditation can improve divergent thinking, which involves generating multiple solutions or ideas. It activates certain dopamine circuits in the brain, particularly those related to creativity 1.

This meditation practice doesn't need to be lengthy; even short sessions every other day can enhance its effectiveness. It's a form of perception where you become more aware of your thoughts, learning not to judge them, which can significantly improve your ability to engage in creative and flexible thinking 1.

Open Monitoring Meditation

Andrew discusses the benefits of open monitoring meditation, a form of perception where you pay attention to your thoughts without judgment. He explains how practicing this type of meditation can improve divergent thinking capabilities and activate dopamine circuits in the brain. Andrew encourages listeners to dedicate just a few minutes every other day to this practice to enhance their creativity.

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