What motivated Dave to pursue law?


Dave pursued law due to a combination of personal attributes and external circumstances. He was motivated by:

  1. Personal Growth: Eager to understand and navigate the structured system, knowing the societal rules governed by lawyers.
  2. Influence from Popular Culture: Inspired by television shows like The West Wing, showcasing the influential roles played by politicians and lawyers.
  3. Competitive Nature: Previously a college athlete, he found the competitive aspect of being a trial lawyer appealing, akin to sports.
  4. Academic Background: With an undergraduate degree in history, law represented a viable professional path.

This combination of factors directed him towards a law career where he saw an opportunity to apply his skills effectively 1.

The Path to Becoming a Lawyer

Robbie shares his reasons for becoming a lawyer, including a desire to understand how society works, being inspired by television shows like The West Wing, and finding a sense of competition in the field.

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#011: Robbie Crabtree – How To Communicate Like A Pro