What is the concept of divinity?


The concept of divinity, as explored by Dr. Geoff Goddu and Aubrey Marcus, revolves around unity and the infinite nature of existence. According to their discussion, divinity can be experienced as a unity point where everything converges—emotions, sensations, light, and sound all coexist simultaneously. This state can be accessed through profound experiences, often facilitated by substances like five meo DMT, which lead to an overwhelming sense of oneness with everything.

However, they point out a paradox: as soon as divinity, or a divine state, acknowledges its own existence ("I am"), it ceases to be absolute nothingness. Here, the philosophical idea of a complete void—devoid of awareness and existence itself—emerges in contrast to the divine state. This notion suggests that true nothingness, a state without awareness and without existence, is fundamentally incomprehensible and unobservable because any observation implies awareness and existence 1.

Universes and Unity

Dr. Geoff Goddu and Aubrey explore the concept of multiple universes and the idea of unity points. They discuss the potential for a universe with just one object and delve into the experience of unity through substances like five meo DMT. The conversation touches on the existence of a void or nothingness devoid of conscious awareness.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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