Creative opportunities


When exploring creative opportunities, it's essential to think beyond conventional job boundaries and take proactive steps to create the roles and relationships you desire.

Here are some key tips:

  1. Get Creative at Work: Don't view your job as fixed. Look for ways to contribute beyond your job description to make yourself more useful and build relationships within your company. This approach can lead to new opportunities and potentially get you out of roles you're less satisfied with 1.

  2. Invest in Yourself: If your current job isn't fulfilling all your needs, find ways to grow on your own. Pursue certifications, engage in side projects, or write and share articles with your colleagues and industry contacts. This can help you develop professionally and might even improve your current job experience by allowing it to subsidize your education 1.

  3. Evaluate and Overcome Risk: Often, people don't pursue creative or entrepreneurial endeavors because they see them as too risky. Learn to differentiate between real risks (which could cause substantial harm) and perceived risks (which often don't have significant negative outcomes). Understanding this can help you better assess and manage the risks associated with pursuing new opportunities 2.

By being deliberate about how you contribute at work and investing in your personal development, you can open up new creative opportunities for yourself.

Creating Opportunities

Gabriel and Jordan discuss how to create opportunities within your current job by being deliberate about contributing in ways beyond your job description. They suggest building relationships with other teams and not relying solely on your company to meet all of your needs. Instead, invest in yourself by pursuing certifications, side projects, and writing articles to share with colleagues and IT managers at other companies. By doing so, you may end up finding that your current job is actually subsidizing your education and professional development.

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