Primitive man


The discussion about "primitive man," specifically Neanderthals, reveals a significant transformation in how these ancient humans are perceived. Historically viewed as brutal and simplistic, recent archaeological and genetic evidence shows that Neanderthals were much more sophisticated than previously thought. They demonstrated care for the wounded and elderly, employed advanced technology, and possibly engaged in artistic and cultural activities. This shift is humorously depicted in a graphic novel scene discussed by Yuval Noah Harari, where Neanderthals consult a PR consultant to update their "brand" to match more modern, enlightened views 1.

Neanderthal Image Revolution

Yuval discusses the shift in perception of Neanderthals from primitive to sophisticated, highlighting evidence of care for wounded and disabled individuals. He also explores the possibility of gay Neanderthals, drawing on indirect evidence and behavioral observations of other primates. The graphic novel adaptation of his work aims to reach new audiences and make history engaging through visual storytelling.

Tim Ferriss Show

Yuval Noah Harari on The Story of Sapiens, The Power of Awareness, and More | The Tim Ferriss Show