What is a software pipeline?


A software pipeline, as discussed by Lex Fridman and his guest, involves the structured usage of software engineering techniques and tools to streamline the development and enhancement of software systems. Specifically, this pipeline is crucial in scenarios like robot development where a large team works on complex models requiring careful and consistent computational calculations. By using physics-based simulation tools, the same code can be tested in simulations before being implemented on hardware like robots. This method ensures efficiency and accuracy in development, and it supports multiple developers working in parallel on limited hardware resources 1.

Software Pipeline

Robert discusses the importance of building a team around Atlas and using physics-based simulation tools to test calculations before putting them on the robot. He also talks about the challenges of having a limited number of Atlas robots and the need to share resources and use a software pipeline to make it easier for developers to work in parallel.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Robert Playter: Boston Dynamics CEO on Humanoid and Legged Robotics | Lex Fridman Podcast #374