Should you refinance student loans?


Refinancing student loans can be a viable option, but it depends on several factors:

  1. Interest Rate Benefits:

    • If you can secure a lower interest rate than your existing loans, refinancing could help lower your monthly payments and overall cost. Brad Barrett mentions that refinancing can be particularly beneficial if it leads to significant savings, even up to $100 a month by reducing the interest rate by a percentage point or more 1.
  2. Flexibility and Forgiveness Programs:

    • Federal loans offer flexibility and forgiveness options that private loans typically do not. Refinancing federal loans into private ones will make you ineligible for federal forgiveness programs and other repayment options. Brad strongly suggests understanding your options and future plans before making a decision because once you refinance, it's irrevocable 2.
  3. Income Stability:

    • If your income is steady and you don't foresee significant future changes, refinancing might be less risky. Conversely, if you might benefit from income-driven repayment plans due to fluctuating income, it might be wise to maintain federal loan status for its inherent flexibility 3.

      Student Loan Interest

      Jonathan and Brad discuss how the current economic climate has affected student loan interest rates and how refinancing with a broker like Credible can save borrowers significant amounts of money each month. They encourage listeners to take small actions daily and consider refinancing their student loans to improve their financial resilience.


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  4. Refinancing Process:

    • The process of refinancing has become streamlined, especially with brokers like Credible, making it accessible. However, weighing the benefits thoroughly and understanding all implications is critical 4.

In summary, refinancing can save you money if the conditions are right, but you need to evaluate your personal financial situation carefully. Make sure to consider the benefits of federal loan protections and any potential eligibility for forgiveness programs before proceeding.