Beauty culture


Beauty culture has been extensively discussed by experts, examining its pervasive effects and how individuals can navigate their engagement with it.

  1. Challenging Beauty Culture: explains that the design of beauty and diet cultures is to create obsessions. This isn't a personal failing but how the system operates. To truly divest from beauty culture, collective action and structural changes are necessary, not just individual efforts. Understanding and questioning the origins of beauty standards can lead to a decreased desire to participate 1.

  2. Dismantling Beauty Culture: Doree Shafrir and discuss the embedded nature of beauty culture in many of our institutions. Dismantling these standards requires a collective effort and recognition of beauty's broader meanings beyond superficial standards imposed by commercial industries. True beauty should contribute to joy and well-being, rather than conforming to restrictive norms 2.

  3. Beauty vs. Diet Culture: draws parallels between beauty and diet cultures, highlighting their foundation on corporate control and unrealistic standards. She argues that many anti-diet culture advocates often fail to apply the same critical scrutiny to beauty culture. Understanding this overlap is essential for a broader resistance against these pervasive cultural norms 3.

    Challenging Beauty Culture

    Doree and Jessica discuss the struggle of not participating in beauty and diet culture while still enjoying certain aspects of it. They explore the conditioning behind our obsession with physical beauty and the ripple effect our actions have on the collective. They emphasize the need for collective action and policy change to truly divest from these systems.


    Episode 229: Interrogating Beauty Culture with Jessica DeFino

These clips underscore the complexity of engaging with beauty culture while highlighting strategies for critical engagement and collective resistance against its often harmful norms.