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Synthol use in bodybuilding is controversial, primarily for its aesthetic rather than health-promoting benefits. , a professional bodybuilder, shared his past experience with Synthol during a discussion on the . He openly admitted using it in the past but now advises against its use because of its potential to hinder instead of helping physique development. He now avoids endorsements or practices involving substances where even a minor misuse could lead to severe consequences, like insulin and diuretics, highlighting the severe risks these substances pose 1.

Another expert, , noted in the same podcast that while some bodybuilders promote shock factor claims about widespread site enhancement oil use, such practices are not universal nor advisable. Meadows used enhancement oils himself at times but now emphasizes the importance of focusing on improved nutrition rather than excessive drug use, addressing a trend in bodybuilding that leans towards a more health-forward approach 2.

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Flex Wheeler discusses his use of Synthol and other bodybuilding enhancements in the 90s, but now advises against the use of insulin and diuretics due to the potential dangers. He emphasizes the importance of understanding that everyone's body reacts differently to substances and not to follow someone else's regimen blindly.

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