What are the latest Bankless updates?


Here are the latest updates from the podcast:

  1. Banking Crisis: discusses the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, noting it as the second-largest bank collapse in U.S. history. There are ongoing discussions and updates related to the implications of this banking crisis 1.

  2. EIP 1559 on Ethereum: praises the work on EIP 1559, emphasizing its community support and the anticipation for future updates. affirms that updates will continue, with new information expected to be shared soon 2.

  3. Crypto and Tech Developments: The podcast recently discussed several updates, including ETH staking withdrawals, the Shapella upgrade, and the launch of a new product called "Token Hub" which is a hub for token enthusiasts. Additionally, there were discussions on restarting the FTX exchange and the recovery of assets 3.

    Banking Crisis Update

    Get the latest insights and updates on the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the second largest bank in US history. Ryan and David discuss the implications of this banking crisis and share key statements that shed light on the situation.


    SVB Banking Crisis, Fed Pivot, BTC ETH price action📈
  4. Bankless Premium Benefits: talks about the benefits of the Bankless Premium subscription, which includes ad-free content, exclusive reports, discounts, and special access to the Bankless Discord community. He also mentioned upcoming plans for 2023, including a new website and features 4.

These clips highlight recent significant discussions and developments covered in the Bankless podcast.