How did Jason overcome adversity?


Jason Calacanis overcame adversity primarily through resilience and hard work. In an episode of , he shared that his family's financial struggles, particularly his father's business loss and the threat of jail during the 1987 crash, deeply impacted him. At 17, he had to juggle school and multiple jobs to support himself, taking five years to graduate from Fordham University.

This adversity fueled his determination to gain power and money, driven by a fear of running out of resources and competitive drive. In his thirties, he shifted his focus to find more purpose in his life beyond just achieving financial success. His experience molded him into a resilient and hardworking individual 1.

Overcoming Adversity

Jason shares his experience growing up and how it shaped his desire for power and money. He talks about how he had to recontextualize his motivations in his thirties and find more purpose in his life. Despite facing adversity, he became resilient and hardworking, which helped him achieve success.

The Knowledge Project

Jason Calacanis — The Knowledge Project #81