Does transition affect attraction?


Transitioning can indeed affect attraction, as discussed in the context of hormonal influences and preferences. For instance, it was noted that women, when influenced by hormones like those in birth control, show different preferences for masculine traits. During ovulation, they tend to prefer faces that exhibit higher levels of testosterone, which are typically associated with masculinity. Conversely, when on birth control, which regulates and stabilizes hormone levels thereby simulating a non-ovulatory state, women often prefer less masculine or lower testosterone faces. This indicates that hormone levels, which are significantly influenced during transition through hormone replacement therapy, can affect attraction preferences 1.

Testosterone Epidemic

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the decline in testosterone levels and the potential environmental factors contributing to it, such as lack of activity and exposure to xenoestrogens. They also touch on the impact of birth control on women's preferences for higher testosterone faces.

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