Can our thoughts change our brains?


Yes, our thoughts can indeed change our brains. This concept is grounded in the principle of neuroplasticity, where repeated thoughts can rewire the brain's structure and function.

For instance, explained that repetitive negative self-talk, such as thinking "I am not good enough", can physically pull synapses in the brain closer together, making such thoughts occur more quickly and frequently. This process essentially rewires the brain to make certain patterns of thinking more dominant, affecting one's perception and emotional state 1.

Moreover, detailed that repeated negative thoughts can create entrenched pathways in the brain, influencing behavior and emotional well-being negatively. This is a double-edged sword of neuroplasticity—the brain adapts not only to positive influences but also to negative ones, affecting overall cognitive health 2.

This emphasizes the impact our thoughts can have, not just psychologically but also physically, on our brain's structure and function.

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