State Power


In a discussion with Marc Andreessen, explores China's approach to state power, particularly how it exercises control over tech company CEOs. Andreessen describes a scenario where CEOs must study and be tested on Marxism and Xi Jinping thought, under the watch of a political officer. This exemplifies China's top-down state power structure and its attempts to influence global perceptions through initiatives like the Belton Road. China's ultimate goal, as highlighted, is to become a global superpower, even manipulating biological aspects like gene editing to potentially enhance human capabilities 1 .

China's State Power

Marc and Andrew discuss the political control exerted on Chinese tech companies, with CEOs being subjected to studying Marxism and Xi Jinping thought. They explore China's top-down state power and its global vision, including programs like Belton Road. China's goal of becoming a superpower controlling everything is also examined.

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