Here are some podcasts that delve into topics around venture capital, startup growth, and funding, which could potentially touch on aspects relevant to Podfund or podcast funding:

1. All-In Podcast

Hosted by industry veterans like Chamath Palihapitiya and Jason Calacanis, this podcast covers trends and news in technology, finance, and politics, often discussing the venture capital landscape and investments in Silicon Valley. It could provide insights into the broader context of funding related to podcsts.

2. 20VC

Hosted by Harry Stebbings, this podcast focuses on the world of venture capital and startups, discussing topics like scaling companies and the impact of AI on business. Episodes may contain discussions relevant to podcast funding within the broader context of tech and startup capital.

3. Foundation

Kevin Rose hosts this series where he delves into the stories of entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech industry. Conversations often explore the journeys of building successful businesses which might provide parallels or direct insights into funding mechanisms like Podfund.

4. Acquired

This podcast, hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, explores the stories behind successful companies and the venture capital ecosystem. Episodes providing insights into investment strategies and startup growth could be contextually relevant to understanding funds like Podfund.

These podcasts offer a rich exploration of the themes around investments, innovations, and the dynamics of venture capital that could be relevant to your interest in Podfund.