Jordan Harbinger discussed agility in the context of critical situations faced by operatives in dangerous locations, such as those serving in the Middle East, Afghanistan, or Iraq. Michele Rigby Assad, a guest on the podcast, shared insights from her paramilitary training with the CIA, which prepared them for potential ambushes in high-risk areas. One key aspect of this training was learning to respond effectively under intense stress— the aim was to teach operatives to exhibit either fight or flight responses instead of freezing. Michele described a training exercise where they drove through a forest and were ambushed, which was designed to simulate real-life stress and teach them how to react quickly and effectively to save their lives 1 .

Ambush Training

Michele shares her experience of receiving paramilitary training from the CIA for serving in dangerous places. She talks about the three potential responses under intense stress and how they were taught to do anything but freeze. She also describes an exercise where they were sent into a forest and launched an attack against them.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

339: Michele Rigby Assad | My Secret Life in the CIA