X-ray art


Adam Schafer of the Mind Pump Podcast shared a unique experience related to X-ray art. He discussed visiting a store showcasing artworks created using X-ray imaging. These artworks included large-scale X-ray photographs of objects as diverse as toy cars, full-size vehicles, and even human figures using cadavers due to the long exposure times needed for the shots—sometimes up to 10 hours. This special type of art required a particularly expensive and large X-ray machine capable of capturing such big objects. The entire process and scale of the operation, as well as the unusual use of cadavers for artistic purposes, was highlighted as both fascinating and extraordinary 1.

Unique X-ray Art

Adam shares his experience visiting a store with X-ray art and discusses the intricate process behind creating it. The hosts also delve into the surprising commercial use of X-rays in the past, such as fitting shoes.

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