3D printed guns


In the discussion of 3D-printed guns on The Jordan Harbinger Show, Ioan Grillo points out some significant limitations and concerns surrounding these firearms. Initially, there was considerable hype around the concept of 3D-printed guns, which were seen as a potentially major shift in gun availability and control. However, the reality proved to be less impactful. Early models made from commonly available 3D printers were often made of a softer type of plastic, which did not provide the durability needed for a functional firearm. The notion that these could be entirely plastic and undetectable was also misleading, as parts like the firing pin still needed to be metallic.

Furthermore, these early 3D-printed guns often posed a greater risk to the person firing them than their target, due to their unreliability and the tendency to malfunction. This initial wave did not so much revolutionize gun availability as it highlighted the technical limitations of low-cost 3D printing for such applications.

Later iterations saw improvements and attempts to solve these issues, with greater involvement from grassroots movements advocating for less gun control, known colloquially as the "fuck gun control" (FGC) movement. However, it's indicated that many of these gun advocates were not entirely reliant on 3D printing, often purchasing other parts needed to create a functioning firearm. Consequently, while the technology has evolved, it has not yet reached a point where high-quality firearms can be reliably produced entirely from home printers. The development of 3D-printed guns continues to be a topic of both technological interest and legal concern as it challenges current regulations and enforcement. 1 2

3D-Printed Guns

Ioan Grillo explains the hype surrounding 3D-printed guns and how they are more of a threat to the person firing them than to anyone else. He also discusses the grassroots movement of people creating new 3D-printed guns to combat gun control.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

701: Ioan Grillo | How America Arms Gangs and Cartels Part Two