Nail color


In the podcast "Forever35," the hosts discuss a variety of topics related to nail color. Here are key points and perspectives:

  1. Personal Expression and Age:

    • Doree Shafrir explains that taking care of her nails and choosing vibrant colors is a form of self-care and expression. She enjoys bright colors like hot pink and traditional French manicure styles. Despite questioning if flashy colors are age-appropriate, both hosts affirm that one is never too old for any color or style 1.
  2. Sensitive Skin Solutions:

    • A listener shares their experience with Honeybee Gardens' water-based nail polish, which is suitable for those with sensitive skin. This polish is non-toxic, vegan, and designed to not trigger allergies 2.
  3. Cultural Trends in Nail Color:

    • The hosts discuss cultural shifts in nail color trends, noting a move from matching colors on hands and feet to different colors for each. They speculate about societal influences on these trends and personal preferences for nail aesthetics 3.

      Embracing Flashy Colors

      Doree and Kate discuss the joy of wearing vibrant nail polish colors, regardless of age. They encourage listeners to embrace self-expression through their style choices, emphasizing that age should never limit one's ability to experiment and have fun with fashion.


      Mini-Ep 31: You're Never Too Old
  4. Product Recommendations:

    • For long-lasting nail polish, Doree mentions 'Dazzle Dry,' which she finds effective because it doesn't chip as quickly as other brands and offers a satisfying color payoff 4.
  5. DIY Nail Care:

    • Doree shares tips on maintaining nails at home, including using a cuticle nipper and simple tools like nail clippers and files. This helps in extending the manicure and managing any imperfections 5.

These discussions emphasize that nail color and care are personal choices deeply connected to self-expression and personal style. They suggest that age should not dictate style choices, and even practical needs (like sensitive skin) can find suitable products.