What projects has Michael worked on?


Michael has worked on various projects across different fields. Here are some highlights:

  1. International Development Projects: Michael Kramer, a Harvard professor with a background in economics, worked on challenging the traditional development model in Kenya. He focused on moving away from before-and-after studies, criticizing the lack of statistical rigor in such approaches. Instead, he suggested using control groups to evaluate the effects of developmental interventions 1.

  2. Technology and Mentoring: Michael Meade worked on mentoring projects through his organization, Mosaic. He focused on helping at-risk youth, emphasizing the dynamic and mutual learning that occurs in mentoring relationships 2.

  3. Machine Learning Projects: Michael Munn, an ML Solutions Engineer at Google Cloud, discussed his experiences on a project where he realized forcing complicated machine learning models wasn't necessary for certain problems. This project highlighted the importance of recognizing when to pivot and avoid sunk costs in ML projects 3.

    Challenging Development Assumptions

    Michael Kramer challenges the common sense approach to international development projects, highlighting the need for statistical rigor and a deeper understanding of local dynamics.

    Maintenance Phase

    The Worm Wars
  4. Open Source Marketing Automation: Michael Skok managed investments in open source projects, including a successful investment in Mortek, an open-source marketing automation company. He emphasized the importance of community involvement and personal engagement in investment decisions 4.

These projects showcase Michael's diverse involvement in sectors ranging from international development to technology and investment management.