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In the , shared an experience from her time working in government, where she was involved in a project aimed at motivating veterans to sign up for an employment and educational assistance program. The team made a simple but effective change to the wording of an email sent to veterans, replacing "eligible" with "earned". This small change, invoking the psychological principle called the endowment effect, resulted in a 9% increase in veterans accessing the benefit. This emphasizes the power of framing and the significant impact of small linguistic modifications in government communication 1.

The Power of Framing

Maya shares how reframing goals in terms of approach rather than avoidance can be more motivating and measurable. She also discusses the impact of a small word change in motivating veterans to access a government benefit. Andrew reflects on the challenges of behavioral change and the importance of invoking a verb state within us.

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Dr. Maya Shankar: How to Shape Your Identity & Goals | Huberman Lab Podcast