Why don't Chinese people talk about it?


Chinese individuals often refrain from discussing sensitive topics, including major historical incidents like the Tiananmen Square massacre, due to fear and governmental controls on information. During a discussion with , Jordan Harbinger noted that when he shows the famous "Tank Man" photo to his Chinese friends, they frequently claim they have never seen it before. This lack of awareness can be attributed to the strict internet censorship in China, where such images and discussions about the event are heavily moderated or blocked. Many individuals, when asked, deny knowledge or provide vague details about such events 1.

This reluctance to discuss controversial topics is reinforced by the government's tight control over information and public discourse. The stringent censorship policies and the repercussions for opposing or criticizing the government lead to a general hesitance among Chinese people to engage in discussions that could be perceived as politically sensitive.

Tiananmen Square

Desmond explains the events that led to the protests in China and the government's response to it. Jordan discusses the lack of knowledge and discussion about the Tiananmen Square massacre among Chinese people.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

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