Tim Ferriss has discussed delisting in different contexts. Here are some insights:

Delisting Endangered Species

In an episode with Mike Phillips, Tim Ferriss explores the challenges behind the delisting of different animals from the Endangered Species List. Mike Phillips explains that some species, such as the gray wolf, are prematurely delisted because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gets overwhelmed by the demands of recovery for controversial species. Phillips argues that proper funding for the Endangered Species Act is essential to avoid premature delistings and ensure species recovery is not compromised 1.

NFT Royalties Issues

Although not related to endangered species, Bobby Hundreds discusses the "delisting" of sorts, pertaining to NFT royalties. He shares his frustration with major NFT marketplaces eliminating creator royalties from existing collections. This change undermines the foundational promise of Web3 to reward creators and forces artists to explore alternative avenues, such as physical collectibles, to sustain their income 2.

These topics highlight the complexity and varied use of the term "delisting" in different domains.

Delisting Endangered Species

Mike Phillips discusses the reasons behind the delisting of different animals and the challenges faced by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. He emphasizes the need for proper funding of the Endangered Species Act and the importance of applying a common sense interpretation of the law.

Tim Ferriss Show

Mike Phillips — How to Save a Species | The Tim Ferriss Show