What adventures did Forrest have?


Forrest Galante shared several adventures on "" episode "." Here are some highlights:

  1. Baja, Mexico: Galante recently spent two weeks there, engaging in wildlife activities.
  2. West Coast of Australia: He was involved in research on the effects of sea snake venom on shark tissue. This involved catching sea snakes and taking venom samples, as well as finding large sharks and extracting tissue samples.
  3. South Africa: He studied endemic species of sharks and the impact of two infamous orcas that are significantly reducing the great white and seven gill shark populations. This study lasted about a month 1.

These experiences provide insights into his adventurous and conservation-focused investigations into the interactions between various marine species and the broader ecosystem dynamics.

Adventures with Forrest

Join Jordan and Forrest as they discuss Forrest's recent adventures in Baja, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa, studying sea snakes, shark populations, and the infamous orcas that are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. Get ready for thrilling stories and insights into wildlife conservation efforts.

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