Mindset towards stress?


Adopting a positive mindset towards stress, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and enhancement rather than a threat, can lead to better health outcomes, well-being, and performance. Research by Dr. Alia Crum, discussed on the , highlights this by showing that changing one's perception of stress from negative to positive can alter physiological responses in beneficial ways. This includes enhancing one's vitality, growth, and even performance under stress 1.

Moreover, Dr. Crum discusses the process of physiological toughening where stress can recruit anabolic hormones that aid in growth and learning, reinforcing the potential positive outcomes from stress when viewed constructively 1. Dr. Crum and also examined the effects of mindsets on stress in various studies, finding that those with a positive view of stress (stress-enhancing mindset) reported better outcomes compared to those viewing stress negatively 2.

Reframing stress as a resource to be cultivated, as discussed by , can also lead to improved physiological and cognitive responses, elevating performance and overall handling of stressors 3. Thus, embracing a mindset that perceives stress as enhancing rather than debilitating can profoundly affect one's ability to manage and thrive under stress.

Mindsets of Stress

Alia Crum discusses the paradoxical nature of stress and the role of mindset in shaping our response to it. She shares research on physiological toughening and post-traumatic growth, and how our perception of stress as a threat or a challenge can affect our brain and body's response. Crum also talks about their study on mindsets about stress and how changing them can lead to better health outcomes, well-being, and performance.

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Dr. Alia Crum: Science of Mindsets for Health & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast #56