Wrist Protection


In the podcast episode, the hosts discuss the importance of grip strength and the role of wrist straps in training. They specifically mention that while lifting straps can assist in lifting heavier weights, they do not provide protection for the wrist. Instead, the primary purpose of wrist straps is to compensate for weaker grip strength, potentially leading to over-reliance and neglect of natural grip strengthening. It’s emphasized that wrist straps should not be used as a primary tool but rather as an occasional aid to support specific heavy lifts. The use of wrist straps isn't recommended for continuous use to prevent dependency and ensure the natural development of grip strength which is vital for everyday activities 1.

Grip Strength Importance

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the importance of grip strength and the downsides of relying on lifting straps. They explain how grip strength is essential for everyday tasks and how lifting straps can hinder progress if relied on too heavily.

Mind Pump Podcast

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