What are alternative podcasting formats?


Alternative podcasting formats go beyond the traditional hour-long interview style. Here are a few formats that have been discussed by experts:

  1. Short Episodes and Solo Formats: David Senra mentions experimenting with short, daily episodes lasting two to three minutes. His inspiration comes from pioneers like Bill Burr and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, showcasing how solo, informal formats can also be effective 1.

  2. Structured Academic Discussions: Angela Duckworth reflects on the potential of adopting structured formats from academic publishing, where papers are broken into clear sections with concise abstracts summarizing key findings 2.

  3. Conversational Formats: Jonathan Fields from the Good Life Project highlights the importance of finding your own voice and resonating with listeners. He prefers a free-flowing, conversational format over scripted Q&A, aiming for a more connected and collaborative experience 3.

    Podcasting Formats

    Explore the possibilities of podcasting formats beyond the traditional hour-long interview show. Discover the potential of shorter episodes and solo podcasting, inspired by industry pioneers like Bill Burr and Dan Carlin. Embrace experimentation to uncover the undiscovered secrets of podcasting.

    The Danny Miranda Show

    #290: David Senra – 10,000 Hours With The Top 1%

These formats demonstrate that podcasting can be diverse and customized to suit different styles and audiences. Experimentation is key to discovering what works best.