Does the deep state exist?


The existence and interpretation of the concept of a "deep state" varies and is subject to controversy. Here's what some experts have said:

  1. John O. Brennan, former CIA Director: He argues that while some believe in a clandestine cabal steering government from the shadows, his extensive government experience showed no such thing. He labels the deep state as a conspiracy theory fabricated to criticize certain public servants (1).

  2. Ben Shapiro, conservative political commentator: Shapiro presents a perspective that some see a deep state as essential to curb perceived dangerous administrations. He expresses concern about unelected bureaucrats who might wield influence without accountability, regarding such a setup as potentially harmful to democratic processes (2).

  3. Tim Dillon, comedian and commentator: Dillon describes the deep state as a term for various Washington power factions that influence policy beyond elections or presidential terms, including financial interests in ongoing wars (3).

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These varying views depict the "deep state" as either a fictitious conspiracy or a real influence within government, depending on the commentator's perspective.