How did you build relationships?


Building relationships revolves around genuine, generous investments in others and focusing on their needs rather than seeking immediate personal gains. counsels against attempting to force relationships for networking purposes. Instead, he emphasizes adding value to others' lives as the foundation for genuine connections1.

highlights the importance of being genuinely interested in others and points out that strong relationships are nurtured over time through frequent and meaningful interactions. He mentions the role of proximity and frequency in deepening relationships, suggesting that constant updates and progress sharing can strengthen bonds2.

For more tactical advice, and discuss the need for engaging authentically with others without expecting anything in return. They recommend using shared interests or cultural connections as a basis for forming relationships. Initiatives like setting up meetups or joining groups can facilitate these connections3.

Building Relationships

Jordan advises listeners to forget about being someone's friend and instead focus on being helpful to them. Building great relationships comes from investing genuinely in other people, not by trying to build great relationships.

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emphasizes the transformative power of relationships for achieving long-term success and advises approaching every interaction with the intention to strengthen the relationship4.