What is the story behind Raising Canes?


The story behind Raising Canes, according to the discussions on My First Million, involves its founder who hails from Louisiana and built the business from humble beginnings. Known for his deep love for the operational side of the business, like running the fryer, he turned Raising Canes into a chain with hundreds of locations and over a billion dollars in annual sales. Sam Parr admired his hands-on approach and entrepreneurial spirit, indicating that the founder's enjoyment and dedication to the business's daily operations played a significant role in its success 1 2.

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Sam and Shaan discuss various business insights, including the story of the founder of Raising Canes and Travis Clinic's blog post on how to do South by Southwest on a budget. They also talk about the importance of being scrappy and share their favorite clips of people who have achieved success through hard work and perseverance.

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